Quick Registration

Quick Registration

Join your platform using WhatsApp – no more tedious forms

Easy Sign-In

Easy Sign-In

Let users log in easily using their WhatsApp credentials

Friendly Sign-Up

Friendly Sign-Up

Users sign up with ease, providing necessary info through WhatsApp

Registration, sign-in, and sign-up flow with WhatsApp integration

Can benefit various industries by enhancing user experience, communication, and security. Let's explore how different industries can leverage this flow:

1. E-Commerce:


✔ Users initiate the sign-up process by providing their WhatsApp number.
✔ A verification code is sent to the provided number to ensure authenticity.
✔ Once verified, users are registered, and their WhatsApp number becomes their unique identifier.


✔ Users click on the "Sign-In with WhatsApp" option.
✔ A secure authentication link is sent to their WhatsApp, granting access upon confirmation.
✔ No need to remember passwords, improving the user experience.

Order Updates:

✔ Automated order confirmation messages sent via WhatsApp after a successful purchase.
✔ Real-time order tracking updates shared through WhatsApp, enhancing customer satisfaction.


2. Healthcare:

Patient Registration:

✔ Patients provide their WhatsApp number during the registration process.
✔ Health institutions can send medical history forms, appointment reminders, and other documents through WhatsApp.

Appointment Reminders:

✔ Automated appointment reminders sent via WhatsApp to reduce no-shows.
✔ Patients can confirm or reschedule appointments directly through WhatsApp.


3. Education:

Student Registration:

✔ Students register for courses by providing their WhatsApp contact.
✔ Course materials, announcements, and updates shared through WhatsApp groups or direct messages.

Class Announcements:

✔ Instructors use WhatsApp to notify students about class cancellations, schedule changes, and other important information.
✔ Instant communication for quick problem resolution or clarification.

4. Finance:

Account Registration:

✔ Users register for financial services using their WhatsApp number for account creation.
✔ Two-factor authentication or secure links sent through WhatsApp for account verification.

Transaction Notifications:

✔ Real-time transaction alerts sent through WhatsApp, ensuring users are informed of their financial activities.
✔ Security alerts for any suspicious account activity.


5. Travel and Hospitality:

Booking Confirmation:

✔ Users receive booking confirmations and reservation details through WhatsApp.
✔ Direct communication with hotels or airlines for special requests and changes.

Travel Updates:

✔ Flight delays, gate changes, and other travel updates sent instantly via WhatsApp.
✔ Emergency notifications or travel advisories communicated quickly.


6. Real Estate:

Property Inquiry:

✔ Prospective buyers or renters inquire about properties through WhatsApp, providing a quick and convenient channel.
✔ Real estate agents respond promptly with property details, images, and appointment options.

Appointment Scheduling:

✔ Property viewings and meetings scheduled through WhatsApp, allowing for easy coordination.
✔ Important documents, contracts, and updates shared securely through WhatsApp.


7. Customer Support:


Query Resolution:

✔ Users access customer support through WhatsApp for instant query resolution.
✔ Support agents can request additional information or provide solutions via WhatsApp.

Support Updates:

✔ Updates on the status of support tickets, order resolutions, and other customer-related activities sent through WhatsApp.
✔ Feedback collection and surveys conducted through WhatsApp for user convenience.


8. Job Portals:

Candidate Registration:

✔ Job seekers register on the platform using their WhatsApp number.
✔ Job portals can use WhatsApp for initial communication, such as interview scheduling and document submission.

Application Updates:

✔ Candidates receive updates on the status of their applications, interview schedules, and feedback through WhatsApp.
✔ Job alerts and relevant opportunities communicated through WhatsApp messages.


Benefits Across Industries:

✔ User Engagement: WhatsApp's popularity ensures a higher rate of user engagement compared to traditional channels.
✔ Security: Leveraging WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption for secure transactions and communication.
✔ Convenience: Eliminating password-related hassles, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.
✔ Instant Communication: Utilizing the real-time nature of WhatsApp for quick updates and notifications, enhancing overall user satisfaction.