Real-Time Interaction

Real-Time Interaction

WhatsApp enables real-time communication with customers, which allows you to receive feedback promptly

Automation for Consistency

Automation for Consistency

Automated feedback requests, follow-ups, and responses to common queries, save time and resources for your business

High Engagement Rates

High Engagement Rates

Ensures that your feedback requests and follow-up messages are more likely to be noticed and acted upon by customers

Automate Feedback Request

Automate Feedback Request

WhatsApp is a highly effective platform for gathering authentic customer feedback. Our automated system, implemented post-product delivery, utilizes interactive messages and customizable templates through the WhatsApp Business API. This ensures a structured and proactive approach to feedback collection, enhancing our understanding of customer satisfaction.

Automated Feedback: By using our service, get feedback after product delivery, offering pre-configured workflows for effortless insights.

Proactive Insights: Use interactive messages for quick surveys, addressing concerns before they become public.

WhatsApp is a cost-effective tool for real-time business communication. Follow up tactfully on unanswered requests. For positive feedback, use automated messages with a direct link to your product page. Address negative feedback promptly and request reviews post-resolution.

Follow Up On The Request

It's possible that some customers might not be too excited about leaving a review for your products and services. In these situations, it's crucial to follow up on those unanswered feedback requests. However, it's important to do so in a way that doesn't come across as spammy, as that can have a negative impact.

To increase the chances of getting testimonials, you can create a smooth process with different types of requests, such as:

Asking about their first impression of shopping with you.

Checking in after they've made a purchase.

Seeking specific feedback on aspects like service, products, etc.

Requesting their thoughts after they've received the products.

This approach helps in getting valuable reviews without overwhelming or annoying your customers.


Send Them The Product Page Link To Write Reviews

When a customer gives a thumbs up with positive feedback, don't just celebrate silently. Take the opportunity to encourage them to share their thoughts publicly. Create an automated message that includes a direct link to your product page, making it super simple for them to leave a review. If they can add pictures or videos, that's even better! You can streamline this process using WhatsApp.

Resolve Negative Feedback

No business is perfect, and sometimes customers might not be happy. Negative reviews are part of the deal, and it's important to take them seriously. We assist you in setting up an automated process to ask unhappy customers about their concerns and what could have been done better.

Handling negative feedback with care not only helps you understand customer expectations but also gives you a chance to resolve their issues and improve their experience with your business

Encourage public review after issue resolution

After fixing a problem highlighted in negative feedback, make sure to inform the customer. This not only builds trust but also boosts your business credibility. Next, kindly ask them to share their experience with your customer service by leaving a review. Use WhatsApp automation with a direct link to your page to make it easy for them. Asking for reviews after resolving issues can significantly enhance your brand's trustworthiness.

In recent years, stats reveal that people are more open to engaging with brands. The rise of messaging apps and chatbots is proof of this trend. WhatsApp, especially popular among the younger generation, isn't just for chatting with friends anymore. It's a powerful tool for your business. You can connect with your audience, boost your brand, promote your products or services, and have real-time conversations.