The Future of Business Revolution with WhatsApp application

Set up and manage your business storefront directly on WhatsApp

Easily receive and process orders with payments on the WhatsApp

Auto-response messages using chatbots to engage and assist customers promptly

Manage multiple users for a single WhatsApp number

Connect your WhatsApp number to a database for customized business solutions, catering to specific needs and preferences


Next generation of WhatsApp chat

Raise employee performance, Increase customer satisfaction 

 Instantly Auto reply        ✔ Manage Multiple Customers' Messages         Boost Chat Productivity

 Powerful chatbot        100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A Powerful WhatsApp Business API Application Designed For Business

Multiagent User - Manage customer messages with multiple agents

Chat Productivity - Improve your team's productivity and responsiveness in customer interactions

Chatbot - Enjoy automatic replies while retaining the flexibility

Chat Options - Access incredible tools designed for ease of use

Compliant With Meta - Whatsapp Business Cloud

Customize Option - Customize your interface to better serve your customers, providing a personalized experience

Boosts customer interactions on WhatsApp with ChatGPT

Transform customer engagement on WhatsApp using ChatGPT's advanced capabilities. Boost interactions with automated and personalized responses

Automated and personalized responses

Quick responses to common queries

Increased demand without major staffing changes

Provides quick, detailed information about products or services

Multilingual support, make easy understanding

A distinctive WhatsApp application for small and large enterprise

Multiagent User

Our WhatsApp Business application contains all the necessary tools that allow your team to save time and provide excellent and fast support to your customers.
Our WhatsApp Business app enhances your customer support with:

Unlimited Agents: Create as many agents as needed

Custom Permissions: Assign specific roles to each agent

Global Access: Log in from any device worldwide

Chat Assignment: Direct chats to individual agents

Smooth Transfers: Effortlessly transfer chats between agents

Analytics Reports: Track agent performance for optimization

Multiagent User

Chat Productivity

Tools and features to boost your team chat productivity in addition to the Smart Dashboard Section, where admin can check the analytics and reports of chats.

Quick Replies: Create and send quick responses

Auto-Away Message: Set automatic messages for after-hours

Auto Greeting Message: Welcome every new incoming message with automated greeting messages for a personalized touch

Private Notes: Internal notes within the chat for team collaboration

Chatbot: Run specific chatbots with a simple click

Agent Status Display: Easily identify online and offline agents

Chat Productivity


A WhatsApp chatbot can work for you and your customers 24/7, increasing your sales, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Multi-Chatbot: Manage various chatbots to suit different needs

Interactive Questions: Engage users with text, buttons, and lists

Default Chatbot: Set a default for a consistent user experience

24/7 Looping: Keep the chatbot active round the clock

Toggle Status: Easily turn chatbot on/off based on your business hours

Personalized Responses: Assign chatbot answers for specific user interactions


Chat Options

Options to make chatting more attractive and much easier with amazing features that we are constantly improving with new and modern options.

Read and Delivered Status: Track message status

Custom Notification Sounds: Personalize alerts for a unique notification experience

Emoji Variety: Express yourself with a diverse range of emoticons

Stickers: Add creativity to chats with a playful assortment of stickers

Location Sharing: Share locations instantly with a single click

Voice Messages: Effortlessly convey messages with voice notes

Chat Options

Compliant with Facebook(Meta)

The WhatsApp Cloud API are part of Meta's , so you need to follow their role and instruction to be able smoothly using the service,which we built our application according to their requirement.

Message Timing: Follow Meta's 24-hour rule

Template Messaging: Use WhatsApp Templates according to Meta

Template Management: Easily load and control template status

Template Status Control: Activate/deactivate templates as needed

Effortless Meta Connection: Set up and connect with Meta effortlessly for a smooth experience

Webhooks: Create webhooks easily for efficient data exchange

Compliant with Facebook(Meta)

Customize Option

Upwaw has ability to integrate to your Platform, which make exchanging Consumers messages with your business more affordable as per your need , respond more effectively.

Chatbot-DB Link: Connect chatbots to your database

Dynamic Customer Interaction: Engage based on customer info

Automated Updates: Keep customers informed automatically

Effortless Order & Payment: Easy processes for orders and payments

Interactions: Access past WhatsApp interactions with contacts and databases

CRM: Integrate with existing CRMs for customer management

Customize Option
Real Estates
Clinic & Health

Software solutions dedicated to WhatsApp conversations that suit all businesses

E-Commerce - Online Shop

Give 24/7 support, Answer queries, send relevant information, solve problems, engage, and increase conversions. Manage your business as a team to provide the best support to your customers.

24/7 Chatbot Support: Ensure constant availability for customer queries and engagement

Order and Payment Automation: Smart processes by automating order and payment workflows

Order and Tracking Updates: Keep customers informed with timely order and tracking information

File and Photo Exchange: Easily send and receive files and photos for enhanced communication

Multi-Agent & Device Support: Collaborate smartly with multi-agent and multi-device capabilities

Activity Tracking: Monitor WhatsApp interactions with detailed stats and reports

restaurant and cafe

How many times asked for menu,price,delivery on WhatsApp? Well, it’s time to get up to speed and provide the service everyone is demanding.

Hassle-Free Ordering: Seamlessly take orders for a smoother customer experience

Responsive Query Handling: Address customer queries promptly

Menu and Pricing Sharing: Share menu items and prices

Visual Appeal: Showcase your offerings with photos or videos for an enticing display

Delivery Notifications: Keep customers informed with timely delivery updates

Special Offers Sharing: Promote your latest special offers for increased customer engagement

Real Estate

Timing and trust is essential in real estate and there’s no better app that allows you to get fast and close to your customers like WhatsApp, so don’t wait any longer to unleash all its potential.

Autoresponder Service: Provide quick and smart services with an automated response system

Location-Based Property Offers: Instantly share available properties based on selected locations

Detailed Property Information: Inform clients with comprehensive details and information about listed properties

Appointment Scheduling: Scheduling appointments and registrations seamlessly

Top Property Offers: Share the best property offers to captivate potential clients

Responsive Query Handling: Address customer inquiries promptly to build trust and credibility

Logistics & Transportation

Take all the communication on your customers favourite app, saving time and money.Timely notifications and customer support is all logistics communication is about.

Location Sharing: Share or save desired locations effortlessly for easy coordination

Responsive Query Handling: Address customer inquiries promptly for efficient support

Confirmations and Reminders: Send timely confirmations and reminders for improved communication

Package Status Updates: Keep clients informed with the latest package status updates

Price Sharing Integration: Integrate autoresponders with your database to share pricing details effortlessly

Order Acquisition: Facilitate order placements directly through WhatsApp for convenience

Clinic & Health

When it comes to personal matters such as health, you need to keep your customers safe, comfortable and engaged with a fast and easy to use application like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Customer Support: Ensure a fast and user-friendly experience for patient inquiries

Appointment Scheduling: Easy appointments and registrations for convenient healthcare access

Service Details Listing: Provide comprehensive details about available healthcare services

Confirmation and Reminder Messaging: Send timely confirmations and reminders for appointments

Special Offers Sharing: Promote the latest healthcare offers to engage patients

File and Photo Sharing: Share relevant files and photos securely for enhanced communication

Schools and Academy

Schools or academies need to respond quickly and effectively to all changes. Here’s what you can offer with our whatsapp Application whether to student or to parents.

Educational Material Sharing: Distribute learning materials easily and efficiently

Private Q&A Sessions: Enable fast and private one-to-one Q&A for effective communication

Notification and Reminder Service: Send timely notifications and reminders for important events

Course Information Updates: Keep stakeholders informed about available courses and updates

Autoresponder Services: Provide services smartly through an autoresponder for increased efficiency

File and Photo Sharing: Share files and photos securely for enhanced communication

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Explore Our Clinic and Hospital Booking Solutions

Simplify your healthcare experience with our clinical and hospital services based on the WhatsApp Business API. From seamless appointment scheduling to digital serial tickets and personalized reminders, we manage your medical needs effortlessly.

Easily schedule your medical appointments via WhatsApp

Access your clinic or hospital facilities by simply scanning a QR code

Receive a digital serial ticket via WhatsApp

Our system sends automated appointment reminders via WhatsApp

Receive personalized notifications about test results, follow-up appointments, or important healthcare information

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The best and most effective way to respond customers messages

Auto Reply by Chat Bot

Auto Reply by Chat Bot

An advanced and smart feature to respond to customer messages automatically

Organized and Centralized Communication

Organized and Centralized Communication

Manage all Customer conversation,whether chatbot or users from one place

Turn the conversation into action

Turn the conversation into action

Turn regular text messages into powerful chat buttons for either activities, requests or any other tasks

Trusted and rule-following (META)

Trusted and rule-following (META)

The system followed in the application is compatible with the basic rules and conditions of WhatsApp (Meta)

The best and most effective way to respond customers messages

Looking For Customize Application ?! we Have the Solution

Customize the application for the most professional business, to communicate and synchronize your chats with your database, or add any special tools and functions to suit your business requirements.

Connect to your CRM application & Database

One time Payment Fee

Application in your Server

No limit on agents, chatbots or other tools

Customize (User Interface & Database)

No limitation of data retention

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